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Fiber Morphology Analyzer FMA-100.

Fiber Morphology Analyzer

FMA-100, The most advanced fiber morphology analyzer for the pulp and paper industry. FMA-100 measures fiber length, width, curl, kink, coarsens, external fiber fibrillation, fiber cutting, fines, shives, and vessel content, and hardwood/softwood blend ratio. The flow cell fully meets ISO 16065-2 and GBT 29779 specifications.

Fiber Image Example

Hi resolutin and high contract fiber image

Data presentation

Ehenched data presentation and analysis function

FMA-100 Brochure (English)

FMA-100 Brochure (Chinese)

Tissue Crepe Analyzer

Optical Tissue Crepe Quality Analyzer

Tissue Crepe Quality Analyser (OptiTissue), An innovative instrument for quantitatively measure crepe quality of tissue products. OptiTissue utilizes state-of-the-art optical 3-dimensional surface construction technology, builds paper surface topography via multiple images at different illumination directions. It measures key crepe parameters such as bar count per unit length, crepe depth, folding curvature, bar continuity, and bar density. In addition, it also measures pin hole count and sizes.

Test Result

exmaple of Typical Test Result

3D view of Tissue Topograph

3D view of tissue topograph

OptiTissue Brochure [English]

OptiTissue Brochure [Chinese]

Optical Roughtness Tester

Optical Roughtness Tester

Optical Roughtness Tester (OptiPPS) is a non-contact surface roughness tester that specially designed for the pulp and paper industry. OptiPPS also utilizes optical 3-dimensional surface construction technology to build surface topography. Roughness parameters are calculated on FFT filtered topograph images, allowing users to evaluate surface roughness at different scales. It also calculates the area percentage of holes and valleys that deeper than certain level, which is highly correlated to printing quality

Test Result

exmaple of Typical Test Result

OptiPPS Brochure [English]

OptiPPS Brochure [Chinese]

Paper Formation Analyzer

Paper Formation Analyzer

Paper Formation Analyzer (AF200) is our second-generation optical formation analyzer. By replacing the broadband halogen bulb with a narrow band, multiple wavelengths LED lights, accuracy, repeatability and long-term stability have been improved significantly. Different colors (Blue, Red and White) are available and selectable to use for different applications. Look-through images are taken by a high-definition digital camera that contains information necessary for formation analysis. Advanced algorithms, such as FFT, clustering, pattern identification, have been used to extract useful information for uses to quantify formation as well as many other optical parameters of their products, such as floc size and distribution, floc anisotropy, periodic wire and felt patterns

Test Result

exmaple of Typical Test Result

AutoForm Brochure [Chinese]


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